Libra Horoscope and Stand Out Dates for February 2019

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Start doing yoga, if you aren't already!

Libra February 2019 Horoscope

Do you this month, Libra.

There are some aspects which could try to knock you off center in February. However, you are innately the peacekeeper and if anyone can handle this energy, you can.

Be honest with yourself. Has your life become out of balance? If so, make adjustments to bring the scales back to center.

Have you been spending too much time at work? Or have you been giving your power away to someone who is draining your vitality? If so, get home for family dinners this month and take your power back.

When you feel balanced, everything else just flows with ease.

The theme of the month for you is business expansion. The opportunity for expanding your career is huge in February. This does not mean spending more time at the office. The opposite is true for you this month.

If you can find balance in your life and react rather than respond to other's aggression, you will find that your career and business opportunities expand rapidly and easily.

Work in a balanced way. Smarter not harder is your mantra this month.

Stand Out Dates for Libra in February 2019:

  • 2/22

  • 2/23

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