Leo Horoscope October 2019—What's in Store for You?

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This is a deeply transformational month for you, Leo!

Leo, This Is Your Very Accurate October Horoscope for 2019

Leo, this is great month to learn something new, travel, and beautify your home.

Perhaps you suddenly decide to learn feng shui and apply it to your living environment? You will also feel motivated to enhance your digital skills and learn a new skill.

Travel is emphasized all month. This could be a road trip or an adventure to a foreign land. You will feel the desire to reflect and rejuvenate this month and you will also feel restless.

There is an inner tug-of-war between comfort and change. You may begin an online course, publish a book, or launch a blog.

There is a lot of internal energy for you this month. You may find yourself wanting to relax at home when you are back from your travels.

The week of the full moon on October 13th (several days before and after) be patient with yourself and others. It is vitally important to use your mental filter before speaking and reread every email before hitting send. You could come off the wrong way if you don't pause before responding. Ask yourself if you're responding or reacting. Make an effort to stay in your power by acting gracefully, rather than speaking or moving hastily.

The new moon on October 28th in Scorpio in your home sector could bring some fresh beginnings to your home and family. There are lots of endings and beginnings this month. You are transforming on a very deep level this month.

Travel, launch, and relax at home. Find your inner zen in all you do!

Stand Out Dates for Leo in October 2019:

  • 10/9

  • 10/24

  • 10/28

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