Leo November Monthly Horoscope for 2019

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Romance, love, and luck are themes for you this month, Leo!

Leo, This Is Your Very Accurate November Horoscope for 2019

Dear Leo, romance, love, and luck are themes for you this month.

Slow down and revisit areas of your life which may have subconsciously been holding you back. It is time to confront your fears and discomfort regarding home and family. You will feel driven to communicate in an inspiring way.

As you release the old, you clear a path for love (either with a new partner or the rekindling of an old flame).

If you've been working on a speaking, writing, or teaching project, use the energy of this month to refine it while Mercury is retrograde. There may be delays the first three weeks of November, so use this time to clear your schedule and go inward.

The full moon on November 12th will be shining a light on your career and social status. Unexpected changes are on the horizon. If you've been wanting to learn a new subject or skill, now is a great time. Use this time to hone your knowledge before showing it to the world.

The last week of November is quite magical for you. Your house of romance, children, and creativity is being activated with love, luck, wisdom. The new moon in this house is giving you a clean slate.

Pregnancy or news involving your children are possible. Be childlike and playful.

If you are in a committed relationship, you will feel deeply connected to your lover. Those of you who are single may not be for long. Romance is enhanced, so get out there and have fun!

Stand Out Dates for Leo in November:

  • 11/12

  • 11/23

  • 11/26

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