Leo March 2019 Horoscope for the Month

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The weight of old relationship pains may finally be released!

Leo March 2019 Horoscope

Your March 2019 horoscope reveals this is the month to step into a new and exciting career path.

If you've been pondering venturing out on your own (or even better, with a business partner), March is your month. Just be aware Mercury is retrograde from March 5th to the 28th, so if possible, sign contracts before or after those dates.

Lion Leo, it's time for you to use your strength to break free from your past. When you take a hard look into your present and past relationships, you may be surprised at what you see. It's time to no longer push the past wounds and feelings under the rug. Give yourself space and time to move through the uncomfortable truth and you'll finally be set free.

You will find as you finally release the old patterns, you will embark on a brand new version of you.

Venus will bestow upon you a real possibility of a new career or business partnership. This is a great aspect for becoming self-employed. You must drop the baggage of the past to make room for the new opportunities.

The money aspect looks really good in March, as well. The only catch is you need to really dig deep and drop the dead weight. Marie Kondo you life and relationships (old and present) and you will be amazed as the red carpet is rolled out for your new life.

Stand Out Dates for Leo March 2019:

  • 3/6

  • 3/17

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