Incredibly Accurate June 2019 Horoscopes for Every Sign

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Time to enter vacation mode!

Your Incredibly Accurate June 2019 Horoscope Is Here

June has some interesting aspects which will have us yearning to relax and dive into vacation mode.

The beginning of the month will have us ready for some summer lovin' as Venus, the planet of love and beauty, is dancing with power planet Pluto.

We will be feeling magnetic and passionate the first week of the month. During this time of magnetism, we also have a new moon in Gemini enhancing our communication skills. This is a great time to update your technology, buy a new car or plan a short trip. The weekend of June 7th - 9th is optimal for a fun trip, socializing, or planning a party.

The second week of June is full of spiritual energy. This is a beautiful time to do creative activities, get into nature, meditate, and relax. On June 9th, Mars becomes invisible in the sky, putting us in a relaxing summer state of mind. Until November, it may be more difficult to access our inner ambition. Rest and recovery are ideal. The whole month is really about tapping into our feminine side of receptivity. Things will manifest more harmoniously this month if we carve out time to rejuvenate and allow the the energy to flow without forcefully pushing forward.

There is a tendency in the third week to over promise, so be aware of your limitations and expectations.

The full moon in Sagittarius on June 17th shines a light on where we can expand. This is happening at the same time some of the other planets are bringing us back down to earth. The result is often the ability to manifest our lofty dreams into reality. Plant your seeds of intention and trust in the growth as you stay focused and relaxed.

The last week of June urges us to take a break from our routines and change our perspective. Art, fun, creativity, and meditation are favored this month. If we can take a break from everyday life to be social, creative, and still, we will receive intuitive insights and even flashes of genius. However, if we access our drive more than our inner guidance, we may be greeted with aggression and conflict this month.

In July, we are moving into intense Eclipse season, so we must restore our energy in June. Allow the relaxed summer vibe to take over and you will be amazed at the results!


June is all about home projects and communication. Writing, online businesses, and slowing down are the themes of the month. Meditation and connecting with nature will bring a deep sense of peace and gratitude.

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You will be turning heads this month! Finances will be highlighted and you may even receive some new opportunities to generate prosperity. Think outside of the box and you will be delighted with the results.

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Happy Birthday, Gemini! Relationships are shifting this month. Focus on what you truly want from all of your relationships. You will be motivated to get your finances in order, which may lead to some interesting opportunities.

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June is truly the calm before the storm of eclipses next month. Slow down and rest. You are intuitive. The planetary alignments this month are enhancing your inner-knowing. Listen, trust, and follow your own guidance.

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Get out and have fun! This is a very social month for you, as the new and full moons are taking place in your social houses. Make sure you spend some time alone to recharge and get in touch with your dreams.

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Home and career are emphasized this month. You will find yourself networking and communicating with ease all month. The full moon is shedding light on anything out of balance in your home and family life.

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Pack your bags and get on a plane, international travel is highlighted with the new moon. You may be traveling for work or you may meet a romantic partner abroad. Writing and publishing are also encouraged this month.

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You will be digging deep this month, as there is a lot of planetary action in your house of death and rebirth. Clear out the old and make room to give birth to the new. Publishing, international study, travel, and philosophy are highlighted all month.

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Love and partnerships are favored all month. Make sure you've cleared space for true love in your life. If you're in a committed relationship, release past wounds and be open to forgiveness. It is time for your relationships to reach a soul level. Business partnerships look good this month as well.

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Love yourself and all is possible. Self-care is vitally important for you this month. The way you love yourself shows others how to treat you. Loving and compassionate communication is the key to lasting partnerships.

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Get out and have fun! You deserve some fun, romance, and childlike adventure. June has a playful and lighthearted tone for you, so enjoy it.

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You may feel the need to move to a new location or to enhance your home in some way. Make your home feel like a sanctuary this month. The full moon puts you in the social and career spotlight this month. Your career goals may come to fruition or you may decide to change jobs.

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