The Most Accurate July 2019 Horoscopes for Each Zodiac Sign

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July is bringing plenty of fireworks!

There will be big life changes for many of us. If the stars have not chosen you to move, get married, divorced, or give birth, I'm quite sure someone in your life is experiencing something of this nature.

Eclipse season has begun and is bringing unexpected changes and new beginnings.

The month begins with a total solar new moon eclipse in the sign of Cancer on July 2nd. The water signs—Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces—will feel the effects of this new moon the most. New moons provide us all with a blank canvas in which to paint the life we choose. When coupled with an eclipse, the potential for a refresh is amplified.

Less than a week later on July 8th, the communication planet Mercury goes retrograde and will remain there until July 31st. Be extra diligent when traveling as there may be delays. Miscommunication is common, so be sure to re-read every text or email and think about your words before you speak. If possible, wait unit August to sign contracts or buy electronics.

July is interesting, as eclipses propel us in unchartered territories while we have four outer planets and one personal planet, Mercury, retrograde. During retrograde times, the planets are encouraging us to move slowly and reflect on where we've been moving forward with something new. Slowing down is almost impossible during eclipses. We must simply do our best not to over schedule ourselves and surrender to the inevitable shifts life brings us.

Capricorn's full moon eclipse on July 16th adds to the drama. The earth signs of Taurus, Virgo, and especially Capricorn, will feel the full moon strongly. This is apt to sever old out-dated paradigms and circumstances. Relationships may end, careers may change, or there could be an unexpected move to another city or country. Eclipses bring big and unplanned changes.

When Mercury goes direct again on July 31st, we will have another new moon. Be open to change because, ready or not, it is coming!

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July brings home, family, and career changes for you! The new moon eclipse on July 2nd could be an exciting move to a new home or an addition to your family. The full moon on July 16th is lighting up your career and social status house. Be open to change and get really clear on your priorities.

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The new moon is happening in your social house of fun where several planets are having a party. Travel somewhere on a spontaneous trip and get out of your comfort zone. I'm going to share a little secret about Mercury retrograde—if you plan a trip during Mercury retrograde and travel as planned during that same retrograde period, it will go much smoother. Get out and enjoy life!

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Money, money, money! This month is all about finances. You may receive some unexpected news about your resources. This is a great month for you to get a clear picture of your financial health.

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Hang on tight, Cancer. You may not recognize yourself by the end of July. The new moon on July 2nd is creating an entire rebranding or makeover of your life. The full moon on July 16th is occurring in your house of relationships, so be open to beginnings and endings there as well. You may find yourself questioning everything on a deeper level.

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The first three weeks of the month are requiring a hibernation mode to gain clarity and strength. If you take some peaceful time to meditate, journal, and get in nature, you will be rewarded at the second new moon in your sign on July 31st. By the end of the July, you will be ready to roar and shine bright.

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July is a very outgoing month for you. You may experience changes in your friendships and social circles. The full moon is highlighting children and romance. Get really clear on what you want and cut the cords of whatever is no longer serving you.

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Career and social status changes are on the horizon. New doors may swing wide open unexpectedly. Be decisive and say yes to the golden opportunities which present themselves to you. The full moon on July 16th could involve transition in your home and family life. Stay present and be open to change.

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There is much energy this month in learning, teaching, and traveling. You may feel like studying something on a deeper level. It is time for you to share your wisdom with the world. You are one of the most focused signs in the zodiac. Focus on what you want and go after it!

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July is a great time for you to travel, teach, and inspire others. Meditation is enhanced for you all month as well. Money looks very good for you this month. There is much action in your house of finances, both personal and other people's money. Mercury is retrograde most of the month, so take extra time in making all financial decisions and give yourself extra time when traveling.

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Marriage, engagement, and new business partnerships are all possible this month. You will be asked to release the old, limiting patterns with the full moon eclipse on July 16th. This is required to make space for positive relationships to grow and flourish. Hang on tight Capricorn, change is coming!

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Routines and regimens are not innate practices for you, freedom-seeking Aquarius. However, you are being asked to set up daily exercise and meditational practices as the foundation for you to expand. Use this retrograde energy to gain clarity on your dreams. Plant your roots and watch yourself blossom.

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Romance and fun are the themes of July for you, dear Pisces. Get out into the world and meet new people. Children are also highlighted this month for you. Allow old, unsupportive friendships to fade. Create space for fun and romance. Play and be childlike this month!

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