Your Incredibly Accurate January 2020 Horoscope

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Are you ready for the new year?

OMG, Your January 2020 Horoscope Is Here—And It's SO Accurate

Hold on tight, as life is about to become very interesting, according to your January 2020 horoscope!

We kick off the decade in the midst of eclipse season.

The effects of the December 26th solar new moon eclipse in Capricorn are still lingering. If you are not directly experiencing a major life event, I'm sure you know someone who is unexpectedly moving to a new location, changing careers, getting married, getting divorced, or becoming a parent. The earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo) are feeling it the most.

The lunar Cancer full moon eclipse on January 10th is shining a light on home and family circumstances and values. The water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) will feel this event on a deep level.

In case your life has been too boring or predicable, we have another huge and rare astrological event occurring on January 12th. This is an event astrologers have been anticipating for several years.

Powerful planets, Saturn and Pluto, will be converging in the sky and shaking things up even more. Pluto breaks down anything which is not on solid ground, forcing rapid transformation. Saturn patiently builds steady and long-lasting foundations. Be willing to release what is no longer working and put in the work to create anew. These changes occur whether or not we are ready. If we can let go and trust in the process, we will transition into our new lives with greater ease.

Loving planet Venus moves into Pisces mid month and will soften the energy.

The new moon on January 24th is urging us to pioneer a unique path and begin a brand new life chapter.

Enjoy the ride. We are all in this together!


Aries, you are in the spotlight in January. Most of the planets are at the top of the chart, making you visible and successful. You will be feeling vulnerable in romantic relationships, while being ambitious in your career and life goals.

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Taurus, the biggest themes for you this month are learning, teaching, and traveling. Your career and social status will be come into the spotlight at the end of the month. If you are single, a friend may become a lover, or you may meet someone special through a friend.

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Gemini, this will be a very transformative year for you in all areas or life. Money is a theme for you this month. You may be changing your relationship status, as loving Venus hangs out at the top of your chart all month.

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Cancer, this is a big month for you! You are changing rapidly and may not recognize yourself by this time next year. Your relationships are highlighted all year, and especially, this month. Communicate your emotional needs to your lover.

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Leo, the themes for you this month are work, health, and relationships. Love is highlighted for you, as loving Venus spends the first half of January in your relationship house before moving into the house of deep connection.

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Virgo, be social, creative, romantic, and have fun this month. This would be a great time to start your own business and take control of your schedule. You may be getting the itch to move to a new home or to renovate and declutter. Romance is a huge theme for you in January.

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Libra, romance, career, and home take center stage this month for you. This is a great year, and especially this month, to transform your home and family relationships. January is a great time for romance, fun, and activities involving children.

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Scorpio, you are the queen of transformation, and this the theme of the month for you. This is a great month to launch a new book, blog, or YouTube channel. You may also be experiencing changes in your relationships. This is the best month of the year for you to move or buy a new property.

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Sagittarius, this is a powerful month and year for you. Money, money, money is the theme for you in January. Your vitality will be strong and healthy. Be open to trying new things, staying positive, and allowing love to permeate your being.

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Happy Birthday, Capricorn! This is a huge month and year for you. This is an ideal time for you to set big goals, be proactive, and transform your life. A year from now your life will look very different. You must stay positive, because whatever you are thinking and doing this month is magnified.

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Aquarius, the themes of January for you are healing, transformation, retreat, and community. Find a balance of going inward and being social. Find your people and make yourself (and your needs) a priority. Sudden changes in your home and family life are a possibility all year and you may begin to see the signs this month.

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Pisces, it's time to get clear on your intentions. You will feel motivated to take action in your job or social status this month. Go on dates with romantic partners and keep things light and fun this month. Connecting with others is easy for you in January.

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