Gemini May 2019 Horoscope—What's in Store for You?

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This month is all about healing your body and mind.

Gemini May 2019 Horoscope

Dear Gemini, please sit down to read this.

There is an abundance of planets in your 12th house of dreams, spirituality, and healing. You are being urged to go inward. If you do, you will reap many rewards in the coming months. However, if you continue to push through without proper rest, relaxation, and deep inner exploration, you may feel restless and uncomfortable.

You are intelligent, logical, and resourceful. This planetary alignment is forcing you to access your intuition to make all of your decisions. Spiritual planet Neptune is in your career house reinforcing the need to gain inner clarity.

Although most planetary action is in your inner sector, there is also some big movement in your house of new beginnings and money. Action planet Mars is moving through these areas, suggesting you will be taking a good look at your financial situation. Again, you will be asked to use your intuition to gain all the clarity you need. No one else knows what is best for you except you.

The full moon on May 18th shines a bright light on your health. You are being asked to release any unhealthy substances from your diet. It is a great time to start a new exercise routine. Make an effort to get active, sweat, and move. You will then be able to sit still and listen more clearly to your inner guidance.

Stand Out Dates for Gemini in May 2019:

  • 5/7

  • 5/16

  • 5/17

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