Gemini March 2019 Horoscope for the Month

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You will be doing lots of soul searching this month!

Gemini March 2019 Horoscope

Dear Gemini, you have a tendency to plan and analyze every situation.

For March 2019, the astrological sky is urging you to trust your intuition over analytics. If you can let go of the need to know the how or when, and simply daydream about the life you want, you may witness a miracle. Release the attachment to everyone and everything this month and go inward, as your horoscope suggests.

Children are also highlighted for you in March. This may mean conceiving a child, reconnecting with your own children, or becoming more childlike in your thoughts and actions.

This month is all about creative work and writing for you. It's important to slow down and reset your nervous system through playing with children, meditation, and stepping into nature.

Mercury, your ruling planet, is retrograde most of the month. You normally are the ultimate multitasker. However, when the planet Mercury is retrograde, we are urged to do things differently.

Gemini, you will get more accomplished this month by doing just one thing at a time and giving it 100 percent of your focus. Your intuition will become heightened by this focused attention.

March is about inner listening and play. You may find as you are playing, career epiphanies arise and major deals finally close in your favor. If you're not wanting children at this time, use protection!

Stand Out Dates for Gemini March 2019:

  • 3/1

  • 3/14

  • 3/20

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