Gemini's Incredibly Accurate June 2019 Horoscope

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Get those finances in order, Gemini!

Gemini, This Is Your Very Accurate June Horoscope for 2019

Happy Birthday, Gemini!

Relationships and finances are highlighted all month. There may be changes or new beginnings in love this month. Be very clear on what you want out of a relationship and be open to adapting to the new. You may be deepening a relationship or there may be endings in the partnerships no longer serving you.

Expansive planet Uranus is in the spiritual section of your chart for the next several months. Your intuition is very strong. Make a conscious effort to get out of your head and listen to your heart.

The month starts off with a new moon in your house of self-discovery and self-love. You may even feel full of vitality. The key is to pamper yourself and tap into the strength of you receptive feminine nature. You are clever and often have many thoughts sprinting through your mind all at once.

There is a big spiritual energy this month. You will benefit greatly from finding moments of stillness to balance out the energy. This month is about inspired action, going with the flow, and setting intentions.

Pushing and forcing will prove frustrating in June. Allow the flow to come to you. Get into nature and recharge.

Finances are also in the spotlight and you may have some exciting news about money or find a great bargain this month. Mars, the planet of self-esteem, is in your house of money and self-worth. There is great opportunity for prosperity. Be aware of impulsive spending. Give yourself at least 24 hours before making any big purchases.

Finding a balance of giving and receiving is important in June. You may still feel a bit in a brain fog, so use this energy to tap into meditative states. See a new perspective and get crystal clear on what you truly want this month.

Stand out Dates for Gemini in June 2019:

  • 6/10

  • 6/17

  • 6/18

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