July 2019 Horoscope for the Gemini Zodiac Sign

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This month is all about finances, Gemini!

Gemini, This Is Your Very Accurate July Horoscope for 2019

Dear Gemini, this month is super charged just the way you like it. Eclipses, retrogrades ,and changes—oh my!

Venus is spending most of the month in the house of money, where she loves spending time. This placement may bring you extra love and resources. You may receive some positive, unexpected news about money. The sun is shining its radiant vitality there as well. Driving force planet Mars is also in this house most of July.

Self-esteem and believing in your worth are highlighted this month. You will receive as much money and resources as you believe you are worth. These abundance paradigms are hidden in our subconsciousness. Finances and investments need to be re-evaluated, both consciously and subconsciously.

The full moon on July 16th is shining a light on secrets, other people's money, partnerships, and spiritual pursuits. Finances are the biggest theme for you all month. However, writing and speaking are also enhanced.

Mercury is retrograde most of the month. Therefore, do all of the prep work and editing this month. If possible, wait to publish and get your work out there until August when Mercury has gone direct.

The full moon on July 31st will support all communication and media pursuits. If you do not have the luxury of waiting, then make sure you edit and double check before pushing the send button. When you are speaking, use your mental filter before the words come out. There could be miscommunications, so practice taking a deep breath and speaking slowly when having important conversations.

There are several planets in retrograde, which is asking you to dive inward and be really honest with yourself about your life. Spiritual pursuits are enhanced for you. Even making money from spirituality is highlighted. Be unique and be you.

Gemini, know your worth and you will be rewarded in ways you never knew was possible.

Stand Out Dates for Gemini in July 2019:

 - 7/2

  • 7/8

  • 7/31

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