Cancer October 2019 Horoscope—What's in Store This Month?

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This is great month to entertain at home, Cancer!

Cancer, This Is Your Very Accurate October Horoscope for 2019

Dear Cancer, declutter your home, expand your creative juices, and open your heart.

You will feel motivated to clean out your closets and cabinets. This would be an ideal time to entertain at home. Did someone say costume party?

As you are getting your home environment in order, you may receive some insights on career and social status. The full moon on October 13th is highlighting your work situation. It is time to shed what is no longer serving you. It may be time for you to break free of any social institutions which are not allowing your creativity to flourish. You may also feel an urge to move to a new home or work environment.

Romance is running high this month. Although there is much emphasis on your home, it is important for you to get out and be seen. Carve out time to have fun and open your heart to new experiences.

The new moon on October 28th is bringing a fresh energy into your love life. It could be an improved connection with a current lover or your children. If you are single, the stars are aligning for an exciting romance.

It is fascinating how clearing out the stagnant or expired items in the home generates space for new love and joy to enter your life. Do a Marie Kondo marathon and then watch as the love pours in!

Stand Out Dates for Cancer in October 2019:

  • 10/9

  • 10/13

  • 10/28

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