Cancer May 2019 Horoscope—What's in Store for You?

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May is a social month for you.

Cancer May 2019 Horoscope

Dear Cancer, May is your month of better defining your aspirations and dreams. What is it you truly want for your life?

Your house of goals, ideals, and friends is full of planetary activity this month. May 4th brings a new moon (aka a blank slate) to your house of creating your ideal life. You are being asked to kick your skepticism to the curb and dream big. After you get really clear on exactly what you want for your life, not what other people want for you, start taking action steps in that direction.

You often are influenced by the needs of everyone around you. Spend some time alone the first half of the month to gain clarity on your true desires and write them down. Then get out into the world to socialize and network. Only spend time with friends who support your wishes and be willing to cut ties with anyone who drains your energy.

Mars moves into your first house of fun and laughter May 17th, followed by the full moon May 18th in your house of joy and romance. This full moon is reminding you life is too short to take yourself so seriously.

Get outside and be childlike. You are in some major need of fun and romance. You may find yourself swept off your feet if you can surrender enough to have fun!

Stand Out Dates for Cancer in May 2019:

  • 5/4

  • 5/17

  • 5/18

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