Cancer March 2019 Horoscope for the Month

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March is a great month for you!

Cancer March 2019 Horoscope

Cancer, you will be swimming in smooth waters, according to your March 2019 horoscope.

Make a conscious effort to allow ease rather than push with assertion. There are beautiful aspects to your chart this month giving you a sense of more grace and ease than you've experienced in a long time. This beautiful trine with fellow water sign Pisces is urging you to feel your way through life rather than analyzing it.

If you've been wanting to do long-distance travel, now it the time. Be aware Mercury is retrograde from March 5th to the 28th, so give extra time to reach your destination and pack light enough for a carry-on bag, if possible. Travel is fine during this time, if you plan accordingly; don't check bags and stay relaxed if there are delays.

You may be wanting to delve into higher education or spiritual studies; this is great time for that, as well. The energy this month is about packing your bag (carry-on) and traveling to Bali. You get the picture.

Creativity is also strongly emphasized in March. It's more of a follow your intuition, travel, and creative pursuits vibe, rather than write your business plan.

As you move towards your destiny and spiritual pursuits this month, you may find that sudden changes and opportunities present themselves. As you allow life to present to you wonderful gifts, there will be no doubt you are on the right path. Anything could happen for you this month. You may meet your soulmate while traveling or, more likely, you'll realize you are your own soulmate and fall in love with all life has to offer.

This is a magical month for you if can let your guard down. If you feel yourself pushing too hard, remember there is magic when you allow!

Stand Out Dates for Cancer March 2019:

  • 3/6

  • 3/15

  • 3/20

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