Aries November Monthly Horoscope for 2019

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November is a dynamic month for you in the relationship house, Aries!

Aries, This Is Your Very Accurate November Horoscope for 2019

Dear Aries, November is a dynamic month for you in the relationship house.

If you are single, you may attract an active, younger, and driven person into your life. This could also be a working partner. If you are currently in a partnership, get active with your lover. This could include running, hiking, or any kind of cardio activity. Or perhaps your intimacy deepens and you try new things.

You may begin a romantic or working relationship with someone uniquely different than yourself. This person will contribute to your life in a meaningful way.

This is the month to reveal your secrets to those close to you. Being authentic will deepen the connection to those you love.

Mercury will be retrograde most of the month. In all of your interactions, take a pause before you speak. There could be heated arguments due to miscommunication. Get to the truth of the matter and then respond with patience.

With some of the aspects in you chart, you may be completing a financial deal. Read all contracts very carefully before you sign anything and if at all possible, wait until December or at least the end of the month before signing on the dotted line.

The full moon on November 12th is occurring in your house of finances. Uranus, the planet of surprises, it dancing with the full moon in your money house. You may receive some unexpected news. Lottery ticket anyone?

Stand Out Dates for Aries in November:

  • 11/1

  • 11/12

  • 11/23

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