July 2019 Horoscope for the Aries Zodiac Sign

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Get ready for change!

Aries, This Is Your Very Accurate July Horoscope for 2019

Dear Aries, this month is all about home and family.

The month begins with a new moon eclipse. The new moon always brings new beginnings and eclipses intensify the energy at least tenfold. You may be moving to a new home. You could also be moving your career in a new direction. As you embrace your feelings fully, you will become more prosperous and clear.

This also signifies how you nurture yourself. Eclipses can bring up past wounds in regards to home and family. It is important to dig deep, listen, and release what you no longer need. Mercury goes retrograde this month, which is forcing you to slow down and purge the old patterning. If you push forward forcefully, you may experience frustration and possibly even accidents. You are an energetic sign and pushing through is not advised for most of the month.

The third week of July lightens up. The second new moon is fantastic for you if you do some deep inner work the first three weeks of July. As you release the past, while several planets are retrograde this eclipse season, you create space for what you truly want. The end of the month brings love, career opportunities, and new beginnings of all sorts if you are open and spacious.

August will bring you more of the forward moving energy you love. Process and rest in July as much as possible. You will be rewarded in August if you take the time to hibernate this month. August is about risk-taking, so be patient. July is about cleaning out your inner closets and getting really clear about your intentions. There may be conflicts or misunderstandings during the new moon eclipse on July 2nd or the full moon eclipse on July 16th. It will all be smoothed out by the new moon eclipse July 31st.

Stand Out dates for Aries in July 2019:

  • 7/2

  • 7/16

  • 7/25

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