Aquarius November Monthly Horoscope for 2019

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You will be shining bright all month, Aquarius!

Aquarius, This Is Your Very Accurate November Horoscope for 2019

Dear Aquarius, you will be shining bright all month.

The sun will be at the top of the chart for you which is encouraging you to step into the spotlight. You will feel driven in the areas of teaching, studying, and international travel.

Mercury will be retrograde the first three weeks in your career and social status house. To avoid communication frustrations, utilize this time to redo and refine your intentions. Go inward and gain clarity on how you communicate with others. Is there a balance between listening and speaking?

During Mercury retrograde, do things out of the ordinary and change up your routines. November 11th, Mercury will be traveling over the sun, which will revitalize you on a very deep level. The very next day, the full moon dancing with the planet of surprises could bring some unexpected news regarding your home and family. If you've had on blinders in this area of your life, you will see clearly the situation at hand. You may feel the urge to move to a new home as well.

You will have the Midas touch when it comes to networking and setting new goals. Lucky planet Jupiter and loving planet Venus will be opening a portal for auspicious energy in your life. Say yes to all social invitations.

The new moon at the end of the month is enhancing the essence of positivity, as it joins with Venus and Jupiter.

There is something miraculous on the horizon. You will finally reap the benefits of the work you've put in. It is now time to relax and receive. You deserve it!

Stand Out Dates for Aquarius in November:

  • 11/2

  • 11/11

  • 11/23

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