Aquarius Horoscope and Stand Out Dates for February 2019

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What does your birth month have in store for you?

Aquarius February 2019 Horoscope

Happy Birthday, Aquarius!

You have the sun in your sign, giving you a sense of vitality. It's time for you to shine.

You may receive some exciting news this month. You will be very attractive to others, so get out into the world.

In February, there is a new moon in Aquarius giving you an extra boost. New moons are new beginnings in which you are given a blank slate. After the clearing of last months eclipses, you have more room to spread your wings.

When a new moon falls in your sign, it's even more powerful. Aquarius, get out the paints and start painting the canvas of the new life you are creating.

There are old some old emotional wounds you will need to deal with before you can step into your new life. However, you have lots of support to help you along the way. You are blazing a new trail.

The rest of the world may not understand what you are doing, but they will soon enough. You are always ahead of your time. Our world needs you to shine and lead the way more than ever.

This month, you will lead the pack, but first you need to let go of the past. Your love life will be passionately heated as well. Aquarius, it's a great month for you.

Stand Out Dates for Aquarius in February 2019:

  • 2/2

  • 2/9

  • 2/13

  • 2/18

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