April 2019 Monthly Horoscopes for Each Zodiac Sign

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Will there be April showers?

Here's What April 2019 Has in Store, According to Your Horoscope

Spring is finally here!

However, the planets are slow to join the party. The beginning of the month, astrologically speaking, is still a time of hibernation. Even though action planet Mercury is no longer retrograde, it is still urging us to take another look inside before moving forward. This is challenging, as there are some other aspects wanting us to charge ahead.

Around the time Mercury starts motivating us again, lucky planet Jupiter goes retrograde. This retrograde will allow us to be more dreamy as we create our future. To really do things properly, we need to gain absolute clarity before initiating action.

The first half of the month provides us with an opportunity to be intuitively guided to the best partner or career opportunity. If we are too hasty, we will miss this gentle nudge. Your intuition is the patient whisper you hear, rather than the loud "do it now" voice.

The planets are supporting inspired action this month, especially the last week of April. If we are not inspired, it is not worth our time or energy. Use the first three weeks to finalize intentions and envision the life you truly want. If you do this, the last week of the month and beyond will present you with many opportunities for growth and expansion. If you are absolutely sure you know exactly what you want, and the perfect situation falls in your lap, then by all means grab it!

For the rest of us, we may first need to do some releasing to clear space for our dreams to land. Spring cleaning is highlighted all month. You will find you have more energy and motivation to clear out your home than usual, so take advantage. You will gain so much clarity as you clear out your closets and let go of the old.


Happy Birthday! You may finally be feeling more energized again. There is still a lot of activity in your house of dreams and intuition. This may have you feeling a little restless, unless you take time to slow down and relax. Meditation would be very beneficial for you this month. Writing and publishing are also highlighted for you in April.

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It is your time to shine. Action planet Mars is in your house of finances giving you an extra boost. You will be feeling a lot of energy and want to start new projects this month. This is your time to break free of old and out-dated ways of doing things. Your intuition will be strong, so take time to meditate.

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This is a great month for you! You will have a lot of energy to start new projects with action planet Mars in your house of get up an go. There are potential opportunities for romance and career expansion. Make sure you take some time out of your busy social and work schedule to relax and recharge.

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You may feel the desire to spend much of your time deepening your knowledge on any given subject. Spend the first half of the month learning. By the end of the month, you will feel inspired to take action. Your career is highlighted and you may finally receive the recognition you deserve.

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It is time for you to do what a Leo does best, shine bright! The world needs you now. Someone may also be wanting to invest in you. This is a great time to travel to somewhere you've always wanted to go. Do what brings you joy and you will experience a new perspective and clarity.

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You will be very productive at work this month. If you are office bound, it may be a home project. Be sure to network and delegate when necessary. Your tendency towards overworking will be greater than usual in April. Carve out time for a social life.

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Relationships are on your mind this month. You may gain a new perspective. It is an ideal time to change your health routine. You will have a lot of energy for learning and travel. Maybe you meet someone interesting on your trip?

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It is time to start a new health regimen. You will feel more joy as you make changes to your existing exercise and dietary routine. Be playful Scorpio and give yourself a break when needed. Romance and career opportunities are emphasized in April.

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Have fun and don't take yourself so seriously. Laughter is really important for you this month. Your ruling planet Jupiter is going retrograde, so you may find your ambitions weaning. Enjoy this time of going inward to get some extra rest.

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Health and home are the themes for you this month. Exercise, eat well, and book your annual doctor appointments. You may be moving to a new home or making your current home feel like new. Your intuition is heightened, so trust your gut.

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This is a great month for you! You may receive wonderful financial news or have a flash of genius about a moneymaking business idea. Romance and fun are also highlighted for you in April. Have fun and be creative!

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You will look and feel your best this month. Your magnetism in April is off the charts. You will be recognized for your talents. Trust your intuition, as you will be guided to get in alignment with your destiny. Pamper yourself, because you will be turning heads.

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