Quiz: You'll Only Get 15/20 On This Quiz If You Still Remember The 80s


The 80s were gnarly.

A quiz about various cultural, musical, and artistic aspects of the 80s in the United States, including celebrities, movies, and more.

 Oct 26, 2017

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The King of Pop _______ released "Thriller" during this decade
Henry Burly
Michael Jackson
Larry Davis

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Which was one of Madonna's top 80s hits?
Like a Virgin
Please No
I Wish

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What movie features 5 high schoolers stuck in detention on a Saturday?
The Breakfast Club
Dixie Chicks
Heaven on Earth

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_____ was a popular video game during this era
Burger Time
Turn Around

5 of 20Pick your answer!

In the movie "Footloose," what led to the dance ban?
fast food coma
airplane crash
a car accident

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What was E.T.'s favorite candy in the movie of the same name?
Reese's Pieces
M & Ms
Mars Candies

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Wendy's commercials featured a woman saying
Not now!
Where's the beef?
Who are you?

8 of 20Pick your answer!

Casey Karem's signature sign-off phrase on his top 40 show was "Keep your feet on the ground and keep _______"
your heart in the sky
reaching for the stars
your goals low

9 of 20Pick your answer!

In 1980, about 40 women died of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). What was the cause?
E. coli

10 of 20Pick your answer!

The video game _______ features a yellow crescent character that avoids ghosts and eats circles

11 of 20Pick your answer!

Cabbage Patch Kids were originally called what?
Little People
Small Towners

12 of 20Pick your answer!

President Ronald Reagan gave out jars of _____ to White House visitors?
jelly bellys
Mars Bars
Hershey's kisses

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In which state did Mount St. Helens famously blow its top in 1980?
North Dakota

14 of 20Pick your answer!

The nation was captivated by Baby _____, who fell into a well in her aunt's back yard in Texas

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Which popular 1980s group had a hit with "Careless Whisper"?
Who You

16 of 20Pick your answer!

______, aka MDMA was legal until 1985

17 of 20Pick your answer!

If someone said something was "bad," that meant that it was
very cool

18 of 20Pick your answer!

If someone told you to "bag your face," that meant they thought you were
super pretty
really ugly

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_____ is another way of saying body

20 of 20Pick your answer!

An acceptable 80s comeback is
throw me the ball
lowkey honey
eat my shorts
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