Quiz: If You Can Get A 10/15 On This Test, You Must Be A College Professor

harry potter, professor

Everyone should call you Dr. from now on!

A quiz about science, history, literature, and grammar, which college professors should know, including parts of a cell and common grammar mistakes.

 Aug 13, 2017
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What position in the US government does Ruth Bader Ginsburg hold?
Supreme Court Judge
Vice President
Governor of New York
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How many years is law school?
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What is the longest running show on Television?
Grey's Anatomy
The Simpsons
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In what month are taxes due?
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Which of these lines is in iambic pentameter?
Which way was Wendy walking?
All that glitters is not gold.
But, soft! What light through yonder window breaks?
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People from Uruguay speak what language?
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Who invented the light bulb?
Thomas Edison
George Washington
Albert Einstein
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Brigham Young University is affiliated with what church?
Latter Day Saints
Eastern Orthodox
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How many planets are in the solar system?
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The Emancipation Proclamation was written during ________.
World War II
the Civil War
the Cold War
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Which of the following is a palindrome?
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Who wrote "Pride and Prejudice"?
Charlotte Bronte
Jane Austen
Edgar Allen Poe
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The "Bay of Pigs" Invasion took place in ________.
the Himalayas
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What is the study of language called?
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The Statue of Liberty was a gift from ________.
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