Quiz: Can You Pass This 19th Century History Quiz?

sally ride

Calling all history junkies!

A quiz about various historical events throughout the nineteenth century, including Jane Austen's books, and more.

 Apr 21, 2017
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What country becomes the first black republic after gaining independence from France in 1804?
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The War of ______ inspired Francis Scott Key to write what would become the US national anthem
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Who painted Starry Night from his asylum in Southern France?
Henry Matisse
Vincent Van Gogh
Pablo Picasso
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Who invented dynamite in 1867 and subsequently used his remaining fortune set up prestigious awards?
Lewis Carroll
Pablo Nerudo
Alfred Nobel
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Who laid the groundwork for genetic inheritance with his work with pea plants?
Thomas Edison
Gregor Mendel
Nikola Tesla
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The _______ Purchase in 1803 nearly doubled the size of the USA.
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What novel did British author Jane Austen publish in 1813?
Pride and Prejudice
Animal Farm
Little House On The Prairie
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France and China had a 2 decade long war over what type of drug?
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Which American inventor's 1093 patents include the phonograph, telegraph, and electric light/power?
George Boole
Thomas Edison
Christian Doppler
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This battle between Texas and Mexico was a turning point in Texas history.
Battle of Getysburg
Battle of the Alamo
Bay of Pigs
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