Quiz: Can You Answer These 16 Michigan Questions Flatlanders Just Don't Get


Respect the Mitten state!

A quiz about the various cultural quirks, slang terms, and general facts that people have, say, or know.

 Sep 26, 2017

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To describe something that's "just around the corner, " what would you say?
Palm springs
Kitty corner

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Soda is called _________.

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Michiganders refer to Michigan as the ______ state

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If you're asking someone whether they've eaten or not, what would you say?
"Eat ya?"

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Unlike some other states, Michigan party stores sell _______.

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What is Michigan's Coney Island?
A balloon shaped like a whale
Both a restaurant and a hot dog
A beach

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What do Michiganders call tourists visiting the northern parts of Michigan?

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While driving, turning left mean in Michigan involves ________.
Going slowly
Following the signs to stop
Getting into the right lane

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_______ are known as the people of Lower Michigan.

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Instead of y'all, Michiganders prefer to say what?
"You all"
"Yuh guys"
"You folks"

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"Superior" refers to ___________.
A big-screen TV
The Great Lake
A Mountain

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A "yooper" is someone who __________.
is from the Upper Peninsula
has a dog-walking service
yells a lot

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Michiganders say _____ instead of "for."

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Food-wise, what is a pasty?
A pastry full of beef, potatoes, and rutabaga
A chocolate croissant
A spinach salad

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When Michiganders mention "The Bridge," they're referring to
Painterly Bridge
Twinkletoes Bridge
Mackinac Bridge

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Why is Michigan referred to as "the Mitten state"?
It's shaped like a mitten
People wear mittens on their feet
It is the largest mitten manufacturer in the US
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