Quiz: Can You Actually Get 10/15 On This Lutheran Slang Quiz?


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A quiz featuring different slang words and phrases found in the religion of Lutheranism, such as ELCA, sola, dead spread, and more.

 Nov 02, 2017

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Who is Lutheranism named after?
Martin Luther
James Herald
Coffee Think

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Another phrase for "key doctrine' is
head hearts
material principle
quality check

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Lutherans believe that humans are saved from their sins by God's "grace alone," aka
sola gratia
butterfly effect
sole yearn

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Martin Luther disliked the term "Lutheran," preferring "Evangelical," derived from

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Lutherans believe that salvation should come from "extra nos," or
inside of us
outside of us
to the left of us

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______ is a Greek word that means "good news"

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The last famous orthodox Lutheran theologian before the rationalist _____, or Enlightenment, was David Hollatz

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Luther would define sin as turned in on yourself or curved inwards, which in Latin is
se la vi
dulce de leche
incurvatus in se

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The historical period of Lutheranism is divided into three sections: Early, High and Late

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Luther scholar Johann Georg Hamann became famous for a revival known as the _____, or Awakening.

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As a result of a local form of rationalism, termed _____, genuine piety was found almost solely in small Pietist conventicles

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Simil iustus et peccator means we are simultaneously ____ and ____
tired; sleepy
happy; sad
sinners; saints

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Lutherans are ecumenical, meaning they promote

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The Greek word diakonos means ______, according to The New Testament

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The "Fall of Man" is
the last day of Earth
the first sin as recorded in Genesis 2,3
watching a movie
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