Quiz: 97% of Americans Can't Pass This British School Test. Can You?

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A quiz testing historical and grammatical questions that would likely appear in British school curricula.

 Sep 18, 2017
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Which is the correct British spelling?
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Which of these used to be a monetary unit in Britain?
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Brits usually take their SATs when they're ________ years old.
10 or 11
20 or 21
17 or 18
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How would the English spell this word?
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Which of these plays was written by William Shakespeare?
Waiting for Godot
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What qualifications are usually required for university in Britain?
A Levels
BU Grades
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________ was the British prime minister during WWII and the only one to win a Nobel Prize.
Theresa May
Sir Winston Churchill
Sir Robert Peel
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How do the British spell this word?
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What disease is known as the "Black Death"?
Chicken pox
Bubonic plague
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Big Ben is in which British city?
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Using British spelling: I _______ for miles and miles just to see you.
12 of 15Pick your answer!
Who was Prime Minister when Britain and France declared war on Germany in 1939?
Neville Chamberlain
Charles Darwin
Margaret Thatcher
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What three countries make up Great Britain?
Ireland, England, France
Wales, Norway, Switzerland
Scotland, England, Wales
14 of 15Pick your answer!
The English government operates as a _________ .
federal republic
constitutional monarchy
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Which of the following was the name of an English king?
Alexander the Great
Genghis Khan
William the Conqueror
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