The Definitive List Of The Worst 2:00 AM Texts Of All Time

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It's either a booty call or an emergency.

Blame it on the dawn of dating apps: texting is now the #1 preferred method of communication for hookups, casual dating, and serious relationships alike.

From a romantic point of view, texting is a way to stay in constant contact. From a cynical point of view, texting is impersonal–meaning people allow themselves to do things via text that they would never do face-to-face.

Think about it. If a potential suitor showed up at your door at 2:00 AM wanting to see you naked, you'd call the cops. But communicated over text, this request is actually pretty normal (if not offensive).

Here are the worst–and shockingly common–text messages to receive at 2:00 AM.

1. "U up?"

This text at 2:00 AM can only mean one thing: late night booty call. If you're not interested, tell him to stay home–or better yet, don't respond at all.

2. "I'm so sorry baby."

This might be a welcome text at any other time–but at 2:00 AM, it could launch a long discussion and rob you of precious sleep. Save the "sorry"s for daylight hours, please.

3. "Can we talk?"

These three words definitely don't signal good news. If you get this text in the middle of the night, prepare for the worst (and good luck getting back to sleep).

4. "K."

You poured your heart out hours ago only to get this bullshit reply. Who knew one letter could unleash so much frustration?

5. "Sooooo drnkh rn."

The worst part about the 2:00 AM drunk text? The texter will undoubtedly want to spill their soul to you in the moment and won't remember a thing in the morning.

6. "I'm in the neighborhood, what are you up to?"

The worst booty call is a low-key booty call. The "I'm in the neighborhood" line isn't fooling anyone, buddy.

7. "Send me something sexy."

Being propositioned for nudes in the middle of the night is way worse than a booty call. Why? Because at least with a booty call, you get your rocks off, too.

8. A dick pic.

No one should have to wake up to that.

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