24 Relationship Affirmations That ACTUALLY Work


Love Affirmations

Want to know a secret–a secret that I've kept to myself because I know I'll sound crazy if I say it out loud? I manifested my fiancé.

If you're not familiar with manifesting, it's the act of calling the things you desire into your life through mediation, positive thinking, and affirmations. The belief is that by really focusing on what you want and believing it can happen, you can will that thing into existence. About two years ago, "that thing" for me was love.

I had been single for a year and on-and-off online dating for another. I felt healed, whole, and ready to embark on The Big One–the relationship that would last forever. I just needed the man. So I manifested him.

About two weeks into saying my love affirmations day and night, in the shower, in the office, and everywhere in between; I met my now-fiancé. It was love at second date, and I truly believe my affirmations had a huge role in our meet-cute (and impending marriage!).

Are you ready for a relationship? These 24 relationship affirmations will help you love yourself, open your heart, and let the right romantic love in.

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"I am loved."

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"Dear Universe, I am totally open to awesome coming my way!"

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"I am naturally in sync with loving energies."

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"I am loved beyond comprehension."

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"I am really feeling the love today."

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"I am whole."

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"I deserve love and I get it in abundance."

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"My heart is open to love."

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"I attract only healthy and loving people into my life."

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"I am loved, loving, and lovable."

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"I am ready for a healthy, loving, lasting relationship."

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"I am so grateful for my incredible relationship."

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"I open my heart to love and I radiate love."

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"It is OK for me to have everything I want."

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"I am worth being loved, I am worth being cherished, I am worth an effort. I am worth being somebody's everything."

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"I want love and love wants me."

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"I deserve the best and I accept it now. All my needs and desires are met before I even ask."

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"My perfect partner loves and appreciates me."

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"I am surrounded by love and everything is fine."

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"I allow love to flow to me and through me."

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"The love of my life is gorgeous inside and out."

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"I am attracting unconditional love, abundance, high-vibrational experiences, and sacred connections."

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"I am attuned to the frequency of love and abundance."

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"I am a love magnet."

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