17 Health Affirmations That ACTUALLY Work

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Health is in the mind just as much as in the body.

If you're already a fan of affirmations, chances are you're familiar with the unofficial reigning Queen of Affirmations, Louise Hay. If you're new to the whole power-of-positive-thinking thing, just take a minute to read Ms. Hay's story.

When Louise Hay was diagnosed with cancer in the late 1970s, she declined traditional treatment, instead creating a program for herself based on affirmations, visualization, nutritional cleansing, and therapy. Even though the doctors thought she was nuts, Louise acheived the impossible: within six months, she was cancer-free.

Louise Hay credits this straight-up miraculous healing to affirmations and positive thinking, and she's become world-renowned for her simple, straightforward, and life-changing affirmations (some of which you'll find in the list below).

To some degree, this is backed up by science: studies have shown that optimism and positivity actually lower patients' risk of death by many of the leading causes, like cardiovascular disease and cancer.

With hard evidence like that to back it up, you'd be crazy not to repeat these 17 health mantras to yourself daily.

"I am healing."

"I feel glorious, dynamic energy. I am active and alive."

"I am healthy and filled with energy."

"I am the only person who has control over my eating habits. I can always resist something if I choose to."

"My body is getting stronger and healthier every day."

"I am thankful for my health and abundance."

"I am nourishing my body with fresh food and clean water."

"Every day brings me increased health and wellbeing.:

"Wellness is the natural state of my body."

"I love every cell of my body."

"I am healed, whole, and healthy."

"I eat everything mindfully and slowly, appreciating every bite."

"I love myself, I believe in myself, I support myself."

"I am worthy of health, wealth, and love."

"I have released all harmful tension from my mind and body."

"I am feeling healthy and strong today."

"My body is healthy, my mind is clear, my spirit is illuminated."

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