13 Surprising Things Night Owls Can Do To Jumpstart Their Mornings


These tips are worth waking up for.

Let's be honest: our society was made for morning people. More of a night owl? Us, too. But with these 13 simple (and sometimes sexy) tricks, you just might become an early bird–no "Snooze" needed.

1. Try the 5-4-3-2-1 method.


In Mel Robbins' book The 5 Second Rule, she teaches a simple trick for getting out of bed: as soon as your alarm goes off, make yourself count down from five. Chances are, once your brain makes its way to one, you'll be out of sleep mode and ready to seize the day (well, almost).

2. Have a quickie.


Morning motivation like no other! Set a plan with your partner (or your vibrator) to go at it as soon as the alarm goes off.

3. Gradually set your alarm for ten minutes earlier each week.


Slow and steady beats the snooze. By gradually training your body to wake up earlier, you're setting habits that can last a lifetime instead of shocking your system.

4. Physically jump out of bed.


Sounds crazy, looks crazy–but it's not crazy. Jumping out of bed kicks your body into gear and sets the tone for an energetic morning.

5. Put your alarm in another room.


If you have to walk into another room to turn off your alarm, you're probably not getting back in to bed. Science says so!

6. Drink water before coffee.


Your body gets dehydrated while it sleeps. Down a full 8-ounce glass of water as soon as you wake up–it'll make your body feel more awake than coffee, trust us.

7. Exercise at night.


Work your body hard at night. You'll sleep better afterwards and wake up refreshed.

8. Put your phone away an hour before bed.


The light from your phone is probably messing with the quality of your sleep. Turn off all electronic devices–laptop, TV, phone–an hour before bedtime. Swapping out Instagram scrolling for a good book could make a big difference.

9. Take a nap.


If you can, take an afternoon or early evening nap. When you're not crawling into bed exhausted, you're less likely to oversleep the next morning.

10. Don't sleep late on the weekends.


Create a consistent sleep schedule for yourself. If your body is used to being in sleep mode until 1pm on Saturdays and Sundays, it's going to have a hard time shifting into gear at 7am on Monday.

11. Reconsider your alarm.


If your alarm is an annoying, incessant ringing sound, it trains your brain to see mornings as annoying. Switch up your alarm sound–an upbeat song or a soothing slow jam could change your outlook on mornings!

12. If all else fails, try melatonin.


Your body naturally stimulates sleep by producing melatonin, so it makes sense to take a melatonin supplement to rework your sleep schedule. It will help you fall asleep quicker and get better quality sleep–two important factors to becoming a morning person.

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