Quiz: Only A Philly Native Can Answer These 18 Questions. Can You?

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Are you a Philly Native through and through? We'll soon find out!

This trivia quiz will test you on the slang, culture, geography and traditions of Philadelphia. It's time to show that you bleed green and white!

 Sep 25, 2018
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Are you a born and bred Philly native? Do you bleed green and white? Is your go-to snack a Philly soft pretzel? If so, this quiz is for you!

Philly is a fantastic city where everyone comes to enjoy beautiful skylines and mouth watering cheesesteaks. In order to prove your love for the city, here you will find a quick trivia quiz that contains questions regarding information about the education, slang, art and culture of Philly. There is no need to be nervous! If you are TRULY a local then this quiz will be as enjoyable as watching the Eagles beat the Cowboys!

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