WDC IG LIVE: *Rock Your Midlife* With Author & Midlife Whisperer, Dr. Ellen

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According to the CDC, 1 out of 10 women in the United States reported symptoms that suggest they experienced an episode of major depression in the last year. U-Shaped Happiness Curve shows that people across 132 countries are unhappiest around ages 47-48. These among other reasons are why we were so eager to speak with author and "midlife whisperer", Dr. Ellen, about how women can rock their midlives. If you missed this episode of our Exclusive Live Interview Series, be sure to scroll down and watch!

About Dr. Ellen Anderson (aka "The Midlife Whisperer)

Dr. Ellen Anderson is a health & wellness coach, Ph.D. psychologist, teacher, and published author. On top of all that she's also a registered dietician, health and wellness coach, radio host, mindful self-compassion teacher. Through her work and her new book, she hopes to inspire and encourage women to live their best lives and embrace their midlife.

During our interview, Dr. Ellen discussed her new book, Rock Your Midlife: 7 Steps to Transform Yourself and Make Your Next Chapter Your Best Chapter to help women re-invent in the new year. Rock Your Midlife is a new, bestselling, much-needed guide to help women navigate and thrive through the transformation to midlife. Dr. Ellen believes that we can outsmart and change our brains, you won't want to miss her insightful words.

“My goal is for women to reinvent themselves in the new year so they become authentic, follow their hearts, and create something amazing in their lives that generates joy and vivacity.”

- Dr. Ellen Anderson

If you missed @womendotcom's live interview with Dr. Ellen, keep scrolling to hear the truth behind the power of loving yourself at any age!

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