WDC Is Going *Live* With The CEO & Founder of Basma Beauty, Basma Hameed

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Have you heard of the newest “TIK TOK” makeup sensation, The Foundation Stick? We sure have!

Have you heard of TikTok’s newest makeup sensation, The Foundation Stick?! We sure have! Women.com went Instagram live with the Ceo & Founder of Basma Beauty, Basma Hameed on March 2nd. If you missed the live interview, we have you covered! Just keep scrolling to watch the full live interview and learn more about Basma Hameed and Basma Beauty.

About Basma Hameed

At the age of two, Basma Hameed suffered severe burns in a kitchen accident that left her with red discoloration across half of her face. She underwent over 100 surgeries and still wasn’t seeing the results she was hoping for. By the age of 17, she developed a treatment that helped camouflage her scar with her skin tone. The results were so remarkable that she became a paramedical scar camouflage artist and opened Basma Hameed Clinic.

Over the past two decades, Basma Hameed Clinic has performed this successful procedure on thousands of clients with all types of skin conditions. She has consistently gained the attention of the media, the business world, and the medical community. She has been featured on news outlets and television shows such as The Doctors, CNN, CBC, The Huffington Post, TedTalk, Vogue, and more.

As a successful female entrepreneur, Basma Hameed Clinic has become a renowned and trusted name globally. With two successful running clinics, Basma Hammed has expanded into the cosmetic industry. She is now being recognized for her company, Basma Beauty and their incredible foundation, The Foundation Stick.

About Basma Beauty

Basma Hameed started Basma Beauty once she understood the true power of makeup. Basma realized that makeup has the power to give anyone a temporary boost of confidence when they need it most.

Basma Beauty is known for, The Foundation Stick. The Foundation Stick evens out skin tones and leaves your face hydrated with a fresh dewy glow. Basma believes that one of the great things about makeup is that it’s a choice. If you want to rock a full glam look or completely natural, that is up to you! The Foundation Stick can provide light to full coverage.

The Foundation Stick is dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic, non-irritant, sulfate-free, fragrance-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, and vegan. With 40 shades available, everyone should be able to find the perfect match for their complexion!

Basma Beauty has also gained recognition from celebrity fans, such as @kourtneykardash, @parishilton, @vanessahudgens, and TikTok stars @charlidamelio and @dixiedamelio.

"That's the essence of BASMA Beauty. We believe you should write your own beauty story and have makeup that fits into your lifestyle — and not the other way around."

-Basma Hameed

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