The Future of Business is Female with Founder of Game-Changing Tights Brand

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Meet Xenia Chen, the founder of Threads!

When it comes to the future of entrepreneurial businesses, women own 31% of small businesses and franchises in the United States. As of today, research shows that women own 41% of the global workforce, and control more than $20 Trillion in annual spending. has always known that women are powerful multitaskers. We can manage business goals and dreams all while raising a family and/or juggling other responsibilities.

Xenia Chen is an investment banker turned designer. Working in a male-dominated industry, tights and nylons were staple pieces in her wardrobe. Xenia Chen founded Threads because she was tired of the shopping problems she consistently found with tights and nylons., @womendotcom is going live with the Founder of, on Thursday, April 7th at 10:00 am PST/ 1:00 pm EST. Tune in live to hear more about Threads and why they are a NEEDED company to know for your own tight sanity!

About Xenia Chen

Xenia Chen is an investment banker turned designer. Working in a male-dominant industry, tights and nylons were and are staple pieces in her wardrobe. During her years as an investment banker, she was continuously infuriated by the shopping experience of tights and nylons. She found high-end tights to be too expensive while drugstore tights lacked quality.

Chen understood that the tights industry had an intensive supply chain management and heavy markups. As her frustration continued, she believed a wardrobe staple for so many women should maintain a high-end quality while being budget-friendly. As the years continued, she was ready to break out of a male-dominant industry.

In 2018, Chen launched Threads and created the answers to questions she was looking for.

About Threads

Threads is a hosiery, optional subscription company. Their pantyhose and tights are manufactured by their factory partners in Castel Goffredo in Northern Italy. Threads believe, “Italians just know how to do better”. They prioritize convenience and affordability. By working directly with their factory in Italy, Threads is able to offer luxurious tights at a friendly price tag.

Threads have been featured on Real Simple, Byrdie, FASHION, and Business Insider. has tried three of their Threads tights and we love them! If you are interested, click here to see some of their best sellers. Their multiple 5-star reviews speak for themselves!

"It is our mission to give you convenience, affordability and a great product that looks and feels good. Give our tights a try - we hope you love them as much as we do."

- Xenia Chen

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