Support The AAPI Community With Co-Founder and CEO of Umamicart, Andrea Xu

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Tune in live to learn more about Umamicart! is going live with the Co-Founder and CEO of Umamicart, Andrea Xu! ⁠ ⁠

Umamicart is the newest way to discover and purchase Asian American food products. Umamicart is dedicated to celebrating the diversity and uniqueness of Asian and Asian American cuisines and flavors!⁠ ⁠

Tune in live tomorrow, June 13th at 10 am PST / 1 pm EST to learn more about the platform that prioritizes empowering the AAPI community!⁠

About Andrea Xu

Andrea was born in Spain to Chinese immigrant parents. Through her diverse upbringing, Andrea became extremely passionate about food. She found that food connected her to her roots allowing her to remain true to her identity and authentic self.

With high career ambitions and entrepreneurial spirits, she set out to empower the AAPI community. Launching during the pandemic, Andrea became the CEO and co-founder of Umamicart.

Being an Asian female founder, Andrea created Umamicart’s platform to drive awareness of issues impacting the AAPI community. Prioritizing Asian-owned businesses, the platform supports immigrant-owned businesses and other small businesses.

About Umamicart

Umamicart is an online grocery e-commerce company. To empower the AAPI community, Umamicart provides Asian cuisine lovers the ability to find exactly what they are looking for by mainly selling Chinese products, Japanese products, or Korean products. With delivery available, many mom-and-pop suppliers, immigrant-led businesses, and Asian American founders can receive the support they need.

Tune in live tomorrow, June 12th to learn more about Umamicart and how to better support the AAPI community!

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