Small Changes - Big Impact: Meet Isabel Aagaard, Co-Founder of LastObject

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Learn more about the company that has eliminated, 3 billion single-use items!

Approximately 19 billion single-use feminine hygiene products are thrown out each year in the US alone. Even though the plastic applicators are recyclable, the majority end up in landfills as plastic waste. has invited the CoFounder of LastObject, Isabel Aagaard. LastObject is a sustainable company that creates sustainable and reusable personal care products.

⁠ Tune in live on August 9th at 10 am PST / 1 pm EST. We will be discussing their latest product, LastPad which is a luxurious reusable pad that’s comfortable and secure. It can be reused 240 times!

About Isabel Aagaard

Isabel likes to be described as a designer by trade and eco-conscious by nature. Before Co-Founding LastObject in 2018, she was tired of seeing the consistent use of single-use products.

Being a sustainable innovator, she set out to create a solution by designing sustainable feminine hygiene care products. Isabel Co-Founded LastObject to create a company that sells reusable products designed to be solutions to the climate crisis.

About LastObject

LastObject is a sustainable company that uses its innovative ways to help create a sustainable future. It was founded to resolve the issue surrounding single-use products. Their reusable products are made to last and leave a minimal environmental impact.

LastObject sells various reusable options that have been created with materials like compostable wood fibers, cardboard, organic cotton, and recycled ocean-bound plastic. They became popularly known for their first product, LastSwab. The LastSwab replaces +1000 single-use cotton swabs.

On June 27th, LastObject released a new product called, LastPad. LastPad is a luxurious reusable pad that’s comfortable and secure and can be reused 240 times. Available in 3 sizes, the pads have an inner layer made of a highly absorbent polyester and bamboo blend which absorbs 40% more than even the best cotton.

Be sure to tune live to learn more about LastObjects mission and all of their sustainable and reusable products!

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