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Meet pop-culture freelance writer turned podcaster, Abby Gardner!

Have you ever wondered why we find love so enticing? Rom-com movies and candles fill our apartments. We love laying in bed with a good romance novel and a glass of wine. Even indulging in romantic fanfiction to hear alternative endings can excite us. No matter how we view or read romance, falling in love is always the end goal.

Some of us are ready to fall head over heels while others can live without it. Romance is a tricky subject that can easily be seen as cheesy. wants to understand the WHY behind this. We are beyond excited to speak with pop culture guru, Abby Gardener.

If anyone can give us the 411 on romance, it’s Abby Gardner! Tune in live Monday, April 11th at 11 am PST / 2 pm EST to hear why have such a love/hate relationship with love.

About Abby Gardner

Abby Gardner is a freelance writer, editor, and the host of one of Vogue’s best podcasts of 2021.

Passionate about being a Scorpio, Gardner is a pop-culture guru. Her weekly newsletter, We Have Notes and its spinoff podcast has you covered when it comes to celebrities, sports, royals, fashion, and beauty.

Abby has come to truly understand the importance of romance. She believes love is very much alive. In her latest episode she spoke about how fanfiction should be seen as a great escape. wants to dig into this opinion deeper.

Why do we love, love? Why do we need and want romance? Why does love and hate go hand in hand? Tune in live as we better understand the power of romance through Gardner’s perspective.

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