Oscar Nominee Marianne Farley Speaks About Her Film, FRIMAS & Recent News

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Oscar nominee Marianne Farley has written and directed a short film called FRIMAS. FRIMAS tells the story of a pregnant woman who decides to get an abortion in a country where abortion is banned. Marianne strongly believes in choice and due to the relevancy of current events, we are excited to announce that Women.com had an exclusive live interview on our Instagram channel!

“As a woman, I am particularly interested in protecting women’s rights” - Marianne Farley

Marianne Farley is a director/screenwriter, producer, and actress from Montreal, Canada. Her second critically acclaimed short film Marguerite won over forty awards around the globe and earned an Academy Award® nomination for Best Live Action Short Film in 2019.

Marianne Farley’s latest film, FRIMAS was written before any bans and now it is portraying as a reality for many women. In the live, we discussed her short film, FRIMAS as well as her views on the recent Mississippi news. If you are interested in what is going on right now regarding women’s rights, keep scrolling! This wasn't a live you want to miss!

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