Long May You Reign With Texas-Based Fashion & Business Couture, Franki Ray

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Women.com is excited to introduce you to the co-founders of Franki Ray! Entrepreneurs, Sasha Spivey and Stacey George are lifelong friends who had the dream to follow in both of their father’s footsteps.

Franki Ray is a daring combination of business meets fashion couture. These textile design-savvy co-owners are known for using their sharp skills to create one-of-a-kind prints that modernize traditional briefcases, travel bags, and other fun apparel needs!

These entertaining Texas-based co-owners will have you in awe of their sense of style and bold personalities. Who doesn’t love strong, smart, and fashion-forward women? Women.com sure does!

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About Sasha Spivey and Stacey George

Sasha and Stacey's story began in kindergarten. These lifelong friends were raised by entrepreneurial parents and no matter where their lives lead them, they held on tight to the idea of working together one day in the future.

Before knowing what product they would create, they named their fabulous one-of-a-kind company Franki Ray after their fathers. Once the name was confirmed, they set out to redesign the fashion industry.

Franki Ray combines fun and business couture to provide consumers with a no-rules type of lifestyle. Slay every day with Franki Ray!

About Franki Ray

Franki Ray is changing the game when it comes to fashion and business couture. With bright patterns and bold prints, this Texas-based company is a daring luxury lifestyle brand.

Franki Ray targets powerhouse people who want to shake up the traditional norm of work-life balance. Franki Ray modernizes the masculine briefcase through their best-selling business bag. These bags are made with butter-soft, custom-dyed buffalo leather and lined with custom-designed microsuede.

Franki Ray prioritizes their quality control in every design. Their hand-selected designs are chosen by Sasha and Stacey themselves for a unique textile combination. Their entire collection including apparel captures the eyes of many. Compliments and “where did you get that?!” always arise!

Their luxury collection of high-quality leather is created through love and India-based artisans.

It’s daring. It’s bold. It’s Franki Ray.

Want to see their designs before the live? Check out their lookbook here

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