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@Womendotcom went live with founder & CEO of Ascention Wellness Fragrances, Greta Fitz, on December 20th. If you missed out on the very engaging live interview, make sure you watch it below. Greta encouraged the viewers to set intentions instead of resolutions for the year 2022. Why you may ask? Greta explained that resolutions come from a place of ego and how we want to be perceived by other people. She wants us to change this ego narrative by focusing on setting intentions around self-love, self-care, and self-belief.

About Greta Fitz

Greta Fitz is the founder of clean fragrance brand, Ascention. She was inspired to start the brand because she believes that wellness is more than just eating clean and working out - it's about having a balanced mindset. She hopes her fragrances in the Ascention beauty line will bring you mental clarity and balance.

During our interview with Greta, she spoke about her wellness journey, and how mental health is so important. A few years back, despite eating healthy and working out regularly, Greta experienced a health scare when doctors found a pre-cancerous polyp in her colon. She knew she had to do something about her stress and anxiety, as it was starting to take a toll on her health. Once she started placing more emphasis on her mental health, she started to experience much joy, gratitude and excitement, the stress melted away.

Greta now owns her own fragrance brand whose mission is to inspire self-care, self-reflection, and self-love. We had the honor of hearing about her entrepreneurial journey in our live interview, linked below!

About Ascention Beauty

With a career in the prestige fragrance industry that spanned over twenty years, and even working on Sephora's "Clean" beauty section, creating her own clean fragrance brand was right up Greta's alley. She knew that clean, vegan, cruelty-free, safe fragrance ingredients, are the standard and are in alignment with her values. Thus Ascention Beauty was born!

Greta partnered with some of the world’s finest perfumers to create a wellness fragrance line that elevates your mood, using the key principles of aromatherapy that would evoke the emotions of self-love, inner peace, courage, prosperity, and detox. This wellness fragrance collection smells good and evokes feel-good emotions.

Ascention uses only safe ingredients that are ethically sourced, with sustainability and eco-friendly practices in mind. Their fragrances take a balanced approach of natural and natural-identical ingredients for the best olfactive results, or simply put, they created fragrances that are clean, safe, vegan, cruelty-free that smell damn good.

On top of that, each fragrance is paired with its own fair-trade crystal, which is ethically sourced, to amplify your intentions and emotions to lock this all in with scent. So now, instead of having a nostalgic feeling with scent, you’re creating your own memory and impression with each ritual. You now have a tool for when life throws obstacles, speed bumps, rejection and overall stress your way, you have a fragrance to work with to help elevate your mind.

“Remember, self-care isn’t only about massages, naps, and baths, it’s about your inner hustle, investing in yourself, being consistent, and holding yourself accountable.”

-Greta Fitz

Watch the live below to learn Greta's 3 tips for setting the right intentions for 2022 while discussing her clean, safe, vegan & cruelty-free fragrance company, @ascentionbeautyco.

Becoming your best self yet just got simplified! Enjoy!

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