Don’t Set Resolutions, Set Intentions For 2022 - Advised By CEO, Greta Fitz

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Did you miss the live? No problem, we have you covered!

@Womendotcom went live with founder & CEO of Ascention Wellness Fragrances, Greta Fitz, on December 20th. If you missed out on the very engaging live, Greta encouraged the viewers to set intentions instead of resolutions for the year 2022. Why you may ask? Greta explained that resolutions come from a place of ego and how we want to be perceived by other people. She wants us to change this ego narrative by focusing on setting intentions around self-love, self-care and self-belief.

Watch the live below to learn her 3 tips for setting the right intentions for 2022 while discussing her clean, safe, vegan & cruelty-free fragrance company, @ascentionbeautyco.

“Remember, self-care isn’t only about massages, naps, and baths, it’s about your inner hustle, investing in yourself, being consistent and holding yourself accountable,” says Greta Fitz

Becoming your best-self yet just got simplified! Enjoy!

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