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Every year, millions of people suffer from mental health issues. In honor of May being Mental Health Awareness Month, we have invited Mental Health Activist, author, and the wife of former Olympian & NBA legend, Achea Redd to speak with us!

Achea Redd is the author of The Precipice of Mental Health: Becoming Your Own Safe Space. Her book is a reflective story that shares her personal battle with mental health. Her ability to be authentic, vulnerable, and raw has created a community that follows, supports, and feels empowered through her.

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About Achea Redd

Bringing awareness to mental health has become Achea Redd’s life mission.

Before being diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) back in 2016, Redd suffered from a history of depression and a past eating disorder. As a mother of two, she tried to hide her struggles by living under a facade but she knew her situation was only getting worse.

As she suffered from GAD and depression, she began noticing the physical and mental tolls it was having on her life. With the love and support of her family, she sought treatment due to having full-blown nervous breakdowns continuously.

Redd began sharing her mental health journey with the public by creating a blog that captured her feelings throughout the process. Her authenticity captured the hearts of her community and as her following grew, she created Real Girls F.A.R.T.. Its mission is to empower women and provide them with the tools to feel confident in sharing their voice and authenticity with the world.

Today, Redd uses her personal experiences and mental health disorder to help other women. She wants them to feel powerful while sharing their voices and make it known that they are not alone.


Achea shares her personal story with mental health in The Precipice of Mental Health. Her story is written to inspire others and provide them with the knowledge that there is a path to help anyone who is suffering from depression and anxiety.

Being the daughter of a pastor and the wife of former Olympian and NBA legend, Michael Redd, one may assume she lived a life full of happiness. However, Redd continuously batted debilitating mental illness and knew she needed to find a solution.

Redd’s incredible reflective story, shines a light on the fact that it’s ok to not be ok. Redd shares her up and down battle by opening up with her community and sharing the raw insight into her life. She openly speaks about her mental health struggles, past eating disorder, consistent panic attacks, and how she thought about suicide.

If you are interested in hearing more, be sure to tune in live on May 3rd!

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*Resource Recommendations From Achea Redd*

  1. NAMI allows you to search within your area.

  2. Big Universities especially places like Ohio State, have University hospitals were student interns are constantly needing patients for their residency requirements. Beauty of this is that a highly qualified professor/therapist is overseeing their cases.

  3. People should check with their insurance and be specific about the type of therapist they are looking for even if it’s gender and race specific. There are tons of practices who offer sliding scales where you only pay what you can afford.

Authentically Me, Achea 💚

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