Become 'The One' w/ Tips From Manifestation Coach & Author Kathleen Cameron

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Manifest your dreams into reality with Kathleen's live advice!

Do you believe in the power of manifestation? Well, chief manifestation coach and published author, Kathleen Cameron sure does. went Instagram live with @kathleencameron_formygirls February 21st.

About Kathleen Cameron

Kathleen Cameron is a chief manifestation success coach, leader and author. As one of Bob Proctor’s top coaches, she has been featured on Disrupt, Yahoo!, Medium and Tycoon. With her determination and unwavering faith, Cameron has earned the highly regarded title as the #1 North American Coach under Bob Proctor.

When it comes to Cameron, she prioritizes growth, passion, positivity and innovation. Her mission is to coach other ambitious females who want more for their lives. From corporate to entrepreneur, she has demonstrated the true power of the mind and wants everyone to learn how to become a wealth manifestor. #doingitforhergirls

Her published book, Becoming ‘The One’ is the story of her journey to success. It contains all of the changes she made within herself to become the woman she is today. Her book is designed as a guide for others to achieve the same success that she has. From registered nurse and director for the provincial government of Ontario to multi-millionaire success coach, her life mission is to share all of the lessons she has learned over time as she began making quantum leaps in her own life.

To date, Kathleen has helped over 100,000 people attract more love, money, and success into each of their lives.

About Diamond Academy Coaching Inc

Founded in January of 2020, Diamond Academy Coaching Inc was created to bring driven females the most comprehensive coaching program on the market. The company prioritizes providing their clients the tools and skills necessary to create and maintain the right mindset for coaching, building an incredible coaching business and becoming an exceptional leader along the way.

Through the Diamond Academy Coach Program, you receive innovative approaches to manifestation. You gain access to Kathleen’s private coaching community and there, you will learn how to use the Laws of Attraction and become the success Kathleen learned to be.

"The universe always responds."

-Kathleen Cameron

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur or someone who is ready to make more money, keep scrolling to watch to learn how to put yourself on the right track to finding your true purpose and claim the life you are truly meant to live.

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