Quiz: You'll Only Get 10/15 On This Tipping Test If You're A Good Tipper


If you've ever worked in a restaurant, it goes without saying that you are a generous tipper.

Tips are based on percents, so test your knowledge of ratios and percents with this fun trivia quiz.

 Nov 12, 2017
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To leave a 20 percent tip, divide the total amount of the bill by ________.
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A customer puts his $0.67 change in your tip jar when he buys a $2.33 coffee. Which statement is true?
He tipped you exactly 20%.
He tipped you more than 20%.
He tipped you less than 20%.
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25 percent is a _________.
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If your score on a test is 57 points out of 63, how can you find your percent score?
Subtract 57 from 63.
Divide 57 by 63.
Divide 63 by 57.
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If 105 boys are born for every 100 girls, it means that approximately __________ percent of newborns are boys.
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If your child is in the 82nd percentile for height, it means that __________.
he is of average height
he has reached 82% of his adult height
he is taller than 82% of children his age
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What does "tip" stand for?
to impress people
to insure promptitude
to interrupt people
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Which fraction is closest to 33%?
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You can always express a percent as a fraction in which ________.
the numerator and denominator are equal
the numerator is greater than the denominator
the denominator is 100
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70% of __________.
working adults in the United States are women
the Earth's surface is water
the world's population lives in China
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If you get a 15% discount on an $80 dress, how much do you pay for it?
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If you tip your hairstylist $10 for a $60 haircut, you have tipped her ________.
less than 20%
exactly 20%
more than 20%
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How do you find out your percent score on a 25-question quiz?
Subtract the number of correct answers from 25.
Multiply the number of correct answers by five.
Multiply the number of correct answers by four.
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If your grandmother has three sons and two daughters, then _______% of her children are female.
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The 50th percentile is also known as the ________.
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