Quiz: You’ll Only Ace This Test If You Go To A Synagogue

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This quiz has questions about the scriptures of Judaism and about Jewish culture; these terms will be familiar if you had a Jewish upbringing.

 Apr 22, 2017

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Shabbat begins on _______.
Saturday evening
Friday evening
Saturday morning

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Passover commemorates events related in the book of _________.

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In Judaism, the High Holy Days are __________.
Sukkot and Shavuot
Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur
Passover and one's Bar Mitzvah

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In the Book of Esther, Esther's Hebrew name was ________.

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In the book of Ruth, Naomi is Ruth's __________.

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Kosher dietary laws forbid eating ____________ in the same meal.
eggs and dairy
meat and dairy
bread and dairy

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The fruit and nut paste eaten during the Passover Seder is called _________.

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In the Book of Genesis, Leah is Rachel's _________.
younger sister
older sister
twin sister

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In Judaism, what is a minyan?
ten or more people gathered for communal prayers
a coming-of-age ceremony
a period of mourning

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What is the meaning of Neviim, the name of one of the groups of scriptures in the Tanakh?
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