Quiz: You'll Only Ace This Southern Quiz If You Live In The Heart Of Texas


Most non-Texans don't know that Texas is not the largest state by land area.

This fun trivia quiz contains questions about the landmarks, history, cuisine, and famous residents of Texas.

 Oct 27, 2017

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Which body of water borders Texas?
Gulf of Mexico
Pacific Ocean
Atlantic Ocean

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Texas is called the "Lone Star State" because __________.
it was previously an independent nation
of an astronomical phenomenon visible from the Texas desert
of a breed of cattle found there

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Which river is the border between Texas and Mexico?
Sabine River
Red River
Rio Grande

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Which type of lizard is native to Texas?
Gila monster
alligator lizard
bearded dragon

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President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in __________, Texas.

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Which movie is about a Texas man's efforts to obtain HIV drugs in the 1980s?
'Dallas Buyers Club'
'Dead in Tombstone'
'Hurricane in Galveston'

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Which of these U.S. presidents was born in Texas?
Jimmy Carter
Lyndon B. Johnson
Bill Clinton

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Which Texas city is the site of the Johnson Space Center?
El Paso

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After English and Spanish, the most widely spoken languages in Texas are ________.
German and Tagalog
Chinese and Vietnamese
Korean and Hindi/Urdu

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The A&M in Texas A&M University stands for __________.
Aquatic and Marine
Agricultural and Mechanical
Academic and Missionary

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Rice University has its main campus in __________.

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Baylor University has its main campus in _________.

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The UT Austin football team is known as the __________.
Lone Stars

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San Antonio's NBA team is the _________.

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The Dallas Stars are the only _________ team in Texas.
WNBA (women's basketball)
Major League Soccer
NHL (hockey)
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