Quiz: Women.com Challenges YOU To Take The Ultimate Philly Challenge!


Cheese steaks, brotherly love, and so much more.

This fun trivia quiz contains questions about the landmarks, history, cuisine, and famous residents of Philadelphia.

 Oct 20, 2017

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William Penn, the founder of Philadelphia, belonged to which Christian denomination?

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What is the name of the Philadelphia Street where Ben Franklin was born?
Arch Street
Milk Street
Elfreth's Alley

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The Leacht Quimhneachain Na Gael memorial in Philadelphia commemorates ___________.
the 19th century Irish famine
the indigenous inhabitants of Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania's Amish heritage

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After English, what are the most commonly spoken languages in Philadelphia?
Spanish, Chinese, and Vietnamese
Spanish, Russian, and Korean
Spanish, Bengali, and Arabic

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Why is Philadelphia resident Betsy Ross famous?
She was a Civil War nurse.
She co-founded Philadelphia with William Penn
She sewed one of the first American flags.

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Which snack cake brand has its headquarters in Philadelphia?
Little Debbie

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In Philadelphia, it is a water ice, but the rest of the U.S. calls it a(n) _________.
Italian ice
Italian soda

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The classic Philadelphia water ice flavor is ___________.

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In Philadelphia, when you order a cheesesteak "wit," you get ________.
lettuce and tomatoes

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In Philadelphia's famous Irish potato candy, you are most likely to taste ________.

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What is the name of Philadelphia's NFL team?

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What sport do the Philadelphia Spinners play?
Ultimate Frisbee

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More than three quarters of voters in Philadelphia are registered as _________.

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Which Civil War general was from Philadelphia?
Joseph Hooker
George McClellan
Ambrose Burnside

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Which university is located in Philadelphia?
Bryn Mawr
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