Quiz: Women.com Challenges YOU To Take The Ultimate Brooklyn Challenge!


Do you love hot dogs, Brooklyn egg creams, and Bazooka gum? Great. They were all invented in Brooklyn.

This fun trivia quiz contains questions about the landmarks, history, cuisine, and famous residents of Brooklyn, New York.

 Oct 20, 2017

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Which poet wrote the poem 'Crossing Brooklyn Ferry'?
Langston Hughes
Hart Crane
Walt Whitman

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The main characters of 'The Chosen' by Chaim Potok live in which Brooklyn neighborhood?
Crown Heights

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Which mononymous teen diva of the 90s was born in Brooklyn?

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Paule Marshall's novel 'Brown Girl, Brownstones' is about immigrants from ________ who settle in Brooklyn.

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The Bridge Wars was a hip hop rivalry over whether Brooklyn or _________ invented hip hop.
the Bronx

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Which rapper represented Brooklyn in the Bridge Wars?
Scott LaRock
Marley Marl

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Three movies are famous for John Travolta's dance moves. Which one is set in Brooklyn?
'Saturday Night Fever'
'Pulp Fiction'

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There are lots of TV series about self-absorbed singles in New York City. Which one is set in Brooklyn?

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Leo Hirschfeld, who invented the Tootsie roll in Brooklyn, named it after _________.
a song that was popular at the time
a similar candy from his native Austria
his daughter's nickname

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What are the ingredients in a Brooklyn egg cream?
milk, chocolate syrup, and soda water
milk, eggs, and chocolate
chocolate syrup, ice cream, and root beer

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Brooklyn blackout cake gets its flavor and its brown color from _________.
cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves

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The Coney Island roller coaster that has been in operation since 1927 is called _________.
the Beast
Thunder Mountain
the Cyclone

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Which Brooklyn neighborhood was once famous as an ethnic enclave inhabited by Italian immigrants and their descendants?
Crown Heights

14 of 15Pick your language?

After English, what are the most commonly spoken languages in Brooklyn?
Spanish, Chinese, and Russian
Spanish, Yiddish, and French Creole
Spanish, Italian, and Polish

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Which best describes Brooklyn's geography?
It is located on the U.S. mainland.
It is its own island.
It is located on Long Island.
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