Quiz: This Basic Math Test Will Determine If You Actually Have A 130+ IQ

Quiz: This Basic Math Test Will Determine If You Actually Have A 130+ IQ

How much do you know about perfect squares, irrational numbers, and more?

This fun trivia quiz includes questions about term and concepts from branches of mathematics including algebra and geometry.

 Nov 07, 2017
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The P in the order of operations mnemonic PEMDAS stands for ________.
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A number sentences with a "greater than" symbol is called an _________.
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The point (4,4) is located in the __________ quadrant of the coordinate plane graph.
lower left
upper left
upper right
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-14 is a(n) ____________ number.
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It is not possible to divide a number by _________.
a fraction
a negative number
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The bottom number in a fraction is called the ___________.
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The ___________ of a circle is always a multiple of pi.
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Which of the following always equals 180 degrees?
the sum of the angles in a rectangle
a right angle
the sum of the angles in a triangle
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To reduce a fraction (such as reducing 8/100 to 2/25), you must find the ___________.
greatest common factor
least common denominator
square root
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In the equation x+3=12, x is a(n) ___________.
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Any number raised to the power of zero is _________.
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An odd number times an odd number is always __________.
a perfect square
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Which best describes an irrational number?
Its decimal places do not end and do not repeat.
It can be represented as a fraction.
It is less than zero.
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1/8 is the ___________ of 8.
square root
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In the number 1135, the digit 5 is in the __________ place.
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