Quiz: Take This Quiz And We'll Tell You What Type Of Georgia Peach You Are

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How much do you know about your home state of Georgia?

This fun trivia quiz contains questions about Georgia, including its cuisine, sports teams, landmarks, and famous residents.

 Oct 20, 2017
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What sport do the Atlanta Falcons play?
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Georgia was named after ___________.
Saint George
King George of Great Britain
George Washington
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Which beverage company has its headquarters in Atlanta?
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Which hip-hop group was formed in Atlanta?
Wu-Tang Clan
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In which Georgia city does the Masters golf tournament take place?
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Which fast food chicken restaurant chain has its headquarters in Georgia?
Raising Cane's
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The University of Georgia sports teams are called the ___________.
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Which university is located in Druid Hills, Georgia?
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Which best describes Okefenokee, a place for outdoor recreation in Georgia?
mountain range
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The Atlanta Falcons play at __________ Stadium.
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Which U.S. president was born in Georgia?
Jimmy Carter
Bill Clinton
George W. Bush
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Which types of nuts are most widely cultivated in Georgia?
almonds and pine nuts
peanuts and pecans
walnuts and hazelnuts
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Which alternative rock band formed in Athens, Georgia before achieving national popularity in the 90s?
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Georgia became a U.S. state after being part of ___________.
the 13 original colonies
the Louisiana Purchase
a pre-Civil War compromise
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Which part of Georgia is most closely associated with the Gullah language and culture?
Appalachian Mountains
Sea Islands
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Calling all Georgians!! Whether born or bred in Georgia or a recent transplant, you should take this quiz if you think you've got the low down on all things Georgia! Do you think you know all things Southern and everything there is to know about your peachy state? Well, we bet you can’t ace this test without cheating, looking things up on Google, or going to a friend for help! Are you a true Georgian? A true Southerner? Do you just know a lot about the South? Do you just really really really love peaches? Here’s a fifteen question quiz that only people with above average knowledge or experience with Georgia can score perfectly on! If you think you know Georgia better than the next guy, you should be able to answer all of these questions that almost everyone else misses. If you love the Falcons, Coca-Cola, and Outkast, you should have no problem taking this quiz and answering every question right to get to that coveted 100%! Maybe you're not from Georgia originally or you don't live in Georgia now, maybe you just know a lot of general trivia and common knowledge; if so, this is the quiz for you! Maybe you ARE from Georgia or you DID just move there; if so, this is the quiz for you! If you’re just someone who loves learning and taking online quizzes, test your knowledge of these incredibly tricky but common knowledge questions that other Americans regularly get incorrect. Can you get them all right? Hit play and take the quiz now to test you knowledge of all things Georgia and prove that you can get that perfect score!