Quiz: How Well Do You Really Know Mid-Atlantic Slang?


Test your knowledge of the regional expressions of Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

This fun trivia quiz is about the regional idioms of the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States, including Delaware and the surrounding states.

 Aug 09, 2017
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In the Mid-Atlantic, a regional term for an Italian ice is __________.
snow cone
water ice
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In Delaware and parts of Maryland, a "trash mover" is a __________.
poorly maintained car
person who likes to exaggerate
heavy rainstorm
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In the Mid-Atlantic, the default term for a carbonated soft drink is __________.
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In the Mid-Atlantic, jimmies are _________ used as an ice cream topping.
candied walnuts
maraschino cherries
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In Pennsylvania cuisine, a pan-fried loaf made of meat scraps and cornmeal is called _________.
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In Philadelphia, a hoagie is a type of _________.
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In the Philadelphia accent, ___________ don't rhyme with each other.
bed and sled
bit and fit
mad and sad
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People will know you are from Baltimore if you fridge dies and you say that it ________.
went up
bought the farm
kicked the bucket
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"Estonians," as they are known, are actually...
From far away
Really attractive
people from Estonia
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What do you drink out of to get water?
A bubbler
A water shed
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"Yins" or "you-uns" as a plural of "you" is most closely associated with _________.
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"Cruds" is an old-fashioned Pittsburgh term for _________.
cottage cheese
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What is Acme?
A clothing line in Japan
Uh... part of puberity
A supermarket
14 of 15Pick your answer!
What is C-town?
Cleveland, OH
Juneau, AK
Chicago, IL
15 of 15Pick your answer!
Dunkin' will always mean...
Dunking your cookie in milk
Dunkin Donuts
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