Quiz: Can You Pass This Eugene, Oregon Slang Test?


How well do you know the idioms of Oregon's Emerald City?

Test your language of regional expressions frequently heard in Eugene, Oregon with this fun trivia quiz.

 Jul 25, 2017
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'Just Do It' is a slogan of which famous company that was founded in Eugene?
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Wapato is popular in Oregon cuisine, what is it?
a kind of cheese
a root vegetable
a leafy green vegetable
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Acid tests, made famous in a book by Eugene's Ken Kesey are _________.
surrealistic movies
parties where people take LSD for the first time
the pre-Internet version of flash mobs
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"Three white frosts and a rain" is an old saying referring to __________.
the fact that you should try many times and not give up
Oregon's weather
where in Oregon to pan for gold
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Eugene has many locavores. What is a locavore?
someone who only eats locally sourced food
a rodent smaller than a mouse
a seasonal rainstorm
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In Oregon's cuisine, sockeye is a type of _________.
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Eugene has a filbert grove. Filberts are _______.
a type of apple
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Geoducks are common in Oregon cuisine, what are they?
a miniature shrimp
a type of snail
a type of saltwater clam
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In Oregon, Tillamook is a type of _______ cheese.
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Which of the following is a morel?
leafy green vegetable
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The winner of the annual Eugene beauty pageant is crowned ________.
The Queen Eugene
The Princess of Eugene
The Slug Queen
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The University of Oregon _____.
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What is the monument at the top of Skinner Butte called?
The Home Station
The Big O
Old Duck
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What type of person lives a granola lifestyle?
a fitness junkie
a laid back, liberal person
a couch potato
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What are the Timbers?
a forest in Eugene
A soccer team
a lumberjack company
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